Kirsty Fuller



Kirsty has provided music curation for private & corporate clients for over fifteen years.

In the form of in person events, launches, weddings & parties at a variety of spaces.

From the top event venues, to breweries, outdoor festivals, private members clubs, museums, restaurants, bars, D.I.Y garden parties to marquees on rural farms.

Every event is tailored to the personal needs of the client however: fantastical, formal, or intimate it might be.

Having a deep appreciation for music only helps to aid clients in their selection process to help to set the right tone, & set your event apart from the others.

Expect cuts current to vintage, must play classics to refreshed re-edits.

Making every event an occasion to treasure, revere & remember.


LGBTQ inclusive

A wedding should reflect you the couple first.

Second reflect your union celebrated with your family (chosen or biological) & friends.

Third give some consideration to the venue.    

Music is the backdrop to living a life well lived, & if done right your wedding party will be even more joyous & memorable.

Go against what you think is the done thing, stand out from the crowd it really works 200% better.

Couples know their crowd better than any online song list will, so take chances, I promise (from years of experience) that it will pay off.


In addition to in-person events I can provide music supervision for any occasion.

In the form of advice, a playlist or a pre made mix.

We all need soundtracks to backdrop our lives, so please get in touch for details about #AllKillerNoFillerPlaylists



Matt Munday


Osman Marfo-Gyasi


Tiffany Roubert

Also droppin’ H’s 3.0 is here get in touch for details

Dropping H’s – Off Tha Hook 2 from Paul Scott on Vimeo.